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Saturday, July 18, 2009

hectic la sis

well life bz.... so cm malas je nk onl9 slalu.. klo onl9 pon kejap je..xrase nk tls2 blog nih.. f6 is awesome!... the dudes and the chicks are damn sporting..huhu tiap2 ari ade je drama... balaja pon sronok sbb no more hard killin math subject!..yeah..and last but not least thnx to my orlando as cheering my life!..ngeshh2!

1 comment:

Penglipur Lara said...

sounds good. at least you happy on what are you doing now. so, dont waste you time and grab all da opportunity in front of you. you can kick or waht ever la, who or anything that can cause you down......c u in IPTA. hahahaha aku ke tulis ni....hmmm. All da best to you.... anak hj Hamzah sumenye hebat2 blake