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Monday, June 8, 2009


owhh..wut should i describe for today?? im the one who sucks!..i broke my promise by not finish up all the homework.. tomorrow should be the last day for the homework thingy cz i need to start doing revision after that. UUhh.. Pre-u life were awesome.. just love all the dudes and the chicks as the way they are. But now the problem is i dont really like the loooooooooooooong holiday cz it makes me malas manjang and the worst is bosan ahh!!.. thnx God cz laptopy dh i can onl9 jee...BUT still bowsan cz most of my besties gone for their matriks..oohh need to find RAMAAAAIIII lg kawan... as the holiday started last week something happend la..duuhh...wut da heekks!!..xmo citer 6t cik tyah tau plk...hahahaa~..till then..daaa..

p/s:omg really addicted to the facebook..i can sticked my eyes for 2 hours without eating and plug-in my ear with the repeated kelly clarkson's songs..haha...MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT U!

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