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Saturday, May 19, 2012


It was serenely green. Im so in love with this paddy field. Few years back, i always dreamt of this kind of atmosphere. It pictured me, in the big mansion in the middle of the paddy field and i actually don't know who i was surrounded by but to be sincere, i felt so blessed... and today i am be able to feel the tranquility and i bet it was actually a sign that i will studying here, at the north of Peninsular Malaysia. I love this place very much! i love nature..... Allah knows what is the best for us rite??... Happy Sunday everyone~ :)

(p/s: Last week was a hectic week. Im so sick with the emotional breakdown, assignments, rude peoples etc..etc... im hoping that this new day will be the the better day, better week, better month before my final exam... do pray for me!)

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