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Monday, February 13, 2012

14 february ;)

Salam readers,

Today is 14th February's special day... but not the valentine, it's my sister's bday.... she is turning 26 this year... Happy Birthday kak ya... i love u so much! since a little people often misjudge us as a twin because of our same face. But i know you will always be prettier than mine....
and i would like to doa u, that u will get those prosperity, glory,healthy health, a good job, soleh husband and beautiful kids.....cepat kawen! i nk kawen plak ni......ngehshhh~

ok talking about valentine's day.... alhamdulillah i never celebrate it, dulu before i know it's haram i didn't celebrate jugak cz single kot..hahhaa but then after i knew it and i had someone special, i thankful he didn't practice this celebration too.... im not sure la kot zaman2 jahiliah die ade sambut...maybe he don't know at that time....let bygone be bygone lahh... Anniversary la wajib kot sambut hahaa.....sambut dgn makan!....sampai blh buat rancangan jalan2 cari makan...semua tmpt nk try....~

(p/s: minggu ni bgun awal~~~ ngeh3....)

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Penglipur Lara said...

kahwin je la. tapi i nak serba satu la yerk