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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

how many rotation that ive done???

This is what will be happened to me if i study while the lappy on with the internet... once i post an entry ill be addicted..cant stop!..i dont know y... and i still not finish read the hikayah ahmad muhammad yet!..(wut daa...) k... recently we had a mini pantun competition between sastera claz and i acted as a jurupantun..(cari helah ni aku mls nk berpantun..) and we snapped some pictures which is looked ehhh...nape...lain btol aku... hoho2.. well i dont know am i looked really lain or i it juz my fantasy...but i swear i looked different in f6 school's uniform...
sometimes, idk y i wore the tudong that way...really diffrnt from my f5 last year..
this is how i look a like last year...

well maybe bcz of my juz help to shape my tudong..diffrent spec make me look diff while wearing the tudong..but my tudong thiz year were not really mesra with me la..i always facing with difficulties every morning to handle it..(haha...still want to blame the tudong..)

this pic was taken after the final stage of that mini competition..with out sastra teacher
i think i juz had a conversation to mai only, but it seems like everyone was looked at me..and idk y...ase nye slow je ckp..huhu..weirdoo

p/s: love my studies...raihan, work hard ok!!

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