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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Salam dear readers,

It's so hard to get the internet connection this few days and when i got stuck with the books, i need some refreshments. I need internet to get into fb or doing some blogwalking. I get mad when i unable to reached the connection though i tried so many times to load the web page, and i gets into double anger when i saw my roomate able to access the internet easily. When i get the connection, i was frustrated because it is so slow compared to before and my frustration became triple when it was disconnected off-handed before i can do anything. Another thing is...the facebook.I really dont understand why i cant commenting.Recently, my lappy got attacked by virus, and im truly mad rite now cz i just reformat my lappy 2 weeks ago! this time i swear i will never use avira again!! argghhhh!! this is stressful!!!!!

(p/s:im sorry for complaining a's not that im not be thankful for i've been bestowed but im so stressfull with my exam,and i easily to get mad! rawr!!!)

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