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Sunday, May 15, 2011

i love whenever i felt i love blogging :)

Hye guys....How are you doing??...

Its been a while...and for sometime i miss blogging very much!.. :)
So since i got the mood to blog tonite, without any delay i grabbed my memory card to upload some pictures....
Ok i know my birthday was in March and its Mei already...and this was really so last yeaaarrhh... but since i already promised to tell ya something from my here we aree....THE PRESENT! ... ehhemm..its from the loved one! <3 :) He bought this present like one month earlier... what is inside???... guess...guessssssssss....! its a lovely cutie adorable pretty bear!.. but waiitt...actually i got 2 things but let it be a secret alright?..hehehee...sorry..~and the bear?? dont wanna showing off :P . Thnx bota! i really appreciate it.. And received smses from close friends was one of the touching, happier thing ever...i dont care about the present, it just enough if u guys remembering my important date in my life and also your sincere du'a for me... Alhamdulillah, thnx ALLAH for granted me with such amazing friends :)

* * * * * *
Some random photos...

This photo was taken weeks ago. Recently, i love chilling at the beach and she is the one who always accompany me. *sila jgn jelez ye munirah!..hehe* thnx darl :) Do yo see?..ive got lots of pimples! arrgghh!

* * * * *

ahaa...since jobless, i love to cook err actually cooking is must-do-routine everyday except for here is one of the menu. local people at my place called "ikan barat" but i dont know and im too lazy to find what is it been called in english...i just know fews like, calamari and catfish!! they are my favorite! :) its just a sweet sour dish... sdap mkn mase panas!

* * * * *

This is actually the sauce. The chilies was not cooked well yet and i didnt add any addition ingredient yet to make it perfect....Hey this menu were so easy man, i bet u know how to make this..err what, u dont know??...go goole it!,thats what i do whenever i felt 'argghhhh what is for today's menuuu?????!!!!'.Guys, unfortunately i didnt snap the result...hehe sorry..~ sedar2..dh hilang separuh, but trust's awesome! delicious!! :)

* * * * *

Mean while, this menu is specially for those who on diet!..that's me!!... today i started diet again. Since i stranded here jobless, so i need to keep watching my weight. My normal weight during my f6 was 43 kg, but now seems like i gained 2 kg.... which is my weight now is 45 kg... and i started to felt uncomfortable because seems like i got some spare tire here and there...So no more dinner or supper!...ill cut some carbo and start exercise over again...i know it just 2 kg but 2kg can become!....its all about discipline yourself~ ;)

R E F L E C T I O N . . . . .
~Some people said, never take something for granted cz u will hurt at the end of the day, badly hurt. Even though i realize the truth, i still can't change the fact that im the person who always take something for granted. Im the kind of people who full with hope deep in my heart, i never stop hoping even for something i less sure.. i ever hurt before but it still doesnt change anything but keep hoping and holding..but it taught me a lessons, the valuable one.... :)

(p/s: Selamat Hari Guru!...Esk nk g skolah lame, nk nyibok sambut hari guru..hehe. Weh..mate xngantok lagi!...rindu botaa laaa... tlg la mata...please ngantok k???...nak wat pe ntah? agk2 kul 3 bru blh tdow ni...grrr!!..angsa ni bising laa....!)

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