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Friday, October 8, 2010

Kalau dah namenya PEREMPUAN

ok the feeling were like hell..
rasa betol2 nak shopping ni!
tp kan...tak de duit lah...

i need new jeans..seriously it's 70% off...who can say no??
i saw nicole blouses for 50% off..erggh help me,i need to be rich now!
i saw cute sandal for RM45.90 only..
i saw baju kurung,very nice one but a bit expensive RM130++
i saw and i tried that gelang..nice sangat..RM30

anyone...??? silalah blanje saya..hehe

shopping is like a therapy,u will enjoy the moment you get all ur stuff..u will forget all ur problems, u will feels like u r the happiest person because u get all u ever wanted..

ok...i do love 'confession of a shopaholic'...

i will be rich someday...
ill buy all the items that i ever wanted
i will travel around the world
last but not least...i wanted to get married..haha*gatal giler*

(p/s: kepingin pizza lah.........)

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