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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pn. Shahida Begum Ismail...where r u????

not in the mood to blog at all but there is something bothering me...
last couple of days i was dreamed about my teacher..Pn. Shahida Begum bt Ismail..yeahh i still rmmebr her name and how do she looks like..

Tapi yng jadi Big Question Mark??
knape tetibe cegu blh msok dm mimpi aku...
Then, aku mula terfikir....agk2nye kat mne die skrg??..(she moved to UK last 3 years ago)
Beliau ckp dlu y beliau akan berada di sana dlm 3 thn after her husband finish his PhD.
She did gave me an email tp die xpnh reply pon...hadoii.. we r juz lost our contact..rinduu btol kat die..Beliau ni ajar aku BM mse form2,3...bezz...x garang n sporting gile!...dia org utara n got homesick too...hehe...

Cegu...i know u won't b able to read this, but here ill always pray for ur happiness and hping u will be blessed with beautiful adorable children....till we meet again...

(p/s:sy merindukan seseorang yang tak merindukan sy...heh..thats the facts of life, we need to face it no matter how DAMN we dont want it..)


laila said...

tetiba rs nk google cr cikgu2 lama
tingat kt cikgu shahida
then tersampai sini
dh lama xdgr cte beliau sejak pindah ganu 2004
dia ajar sy dulu kt penang

Rhan Hamz said...

sory...bru terbaca comment ni...
oowhh ye ke??..
kt trg die pon mengajar saye
for 3 years rse2 nye, then she moved to uk ikt husband die further study..
skrg dh lost contact...she is so nice!!