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Friday, October 2, 2009

our iftar...

ok those picture was taken during our PPU's break fast..



wardah,dik piq n pian

wan,me and mai...bez mkn...

from left, zafirah,lea,najwa and im not sure who is bside her..

cni ade nini,nolie,arfah..xnmpk la spe sblh tu..hehe

from left aina;den;huda

ini adalah part of form 6 smc la..they r amazing and sempoi slalu...bez geng ngn korang...hu9, k there is nothing much to say...HAPPY EID MUBARRAK..strive for our stpm next year!...daa..

(p/s:at the time..aku rindu gak geng2 lame y len, slamat hari raya buat korang jugak...wherever u r, do rmmber our friendship...)

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