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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alhamdulillah... :) indeed !!

Salam readers,

Its been 8 days here in Sintok....err rase cam dh lame je... hehe... and as the time goes by, alhamdulillah i felt like im getting used to it *claps**claps**!! I think this is a blessing from my mom's praying..thnx mom, i know everyday u will pray to Allah so that i can adapt well here as i never been this far from home for such a long period...

I will be here for a 4 years to complete my degree in Law.. and i hope i can cope well with all the circumstances so that my new me will be produced in next 4 years ahead!..inshaALLAH!

So what can i say living here? Alhamdulillah, here got good facilities, good friends, good lecturer and lectures and very nice view.... i enjoy the view after rainy because i could see the hills and the mountains here was fogginess....subhanallah, very peaceful one and cold! its totally different from my first thought about uum before i reached here. Thank to Allah swt that i could adapt myself with the 100% English environment here... Actually, i never thought that i can speak better English here with all the chinese, indians and some foreigners,who cares about the grammatical error???? haha....Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.....!!...

My weekend tomorrow gonna be fun! its gonna be filled with so many interesting activities such as a big Merdeka Day's celebration on Friday and go-kart thingy on Saturday! that i xla teringat sangat dgn Kemaman and those people i left there......

^ My only breakfast on my first lectures started

^ Raihan(me), Mia and another Raihan =p

^From left: Eylaa,Aisyah,me

^with miaa,the kelantanese sweety

^Mia and my another Raihan(ann)

^They are awesome!

^On our Pledge's day...

^our uni's pasmina for the pledge ceremony :p

^on my enrollment day....i didnt cried!

Ok thats all....i got my Contract Law class later on 12.30 till need to get ready with the notes and some brainstorming so that i won't lost in Dr. Timothy's class.*ok he is freaking hot! hahaha...Let's do Dhuha first!

(p/s: Doakan sy agar solat hajat, qiamullail dan dhuda menjadi ibadah wajib buat sy..insyaALLAH)

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