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Saturday, May 11, 2013


               Assalamualaikummm.....ohhh kalau ikut ustaz cakap nak selamat kalau rumah yang dah lama gila tak de orang kene azankan 7x... blog ni acceptable tak nak azankan? LOL...lama gila tak update blog.... i just wandering away in this blog just to read my fav blogs but failed to update my own blog!..... because ya know why? ive got another crush! i am so in love with instagram nowadays, it is just like my daily diary... i love having a photo with beautiful captions. Plus instagram is wayyy easier than blog because it is just straight from my phone.. although i know i can update my blog through my phone too but i think updating blog through lappy is better. Because the last time when i uploaded some photos, it doesn't appeared in the desired size... so i stop uploading photos via phone (when blogging).

              OK, lets talk about why i less updating my blog? (bajettt sangattt....) First reason, new crush equal to INSTAGRAM... i am soooooooooo crazy over instagram and now i got 500+ photos uploaded there and i kalahkan my own friends yang dah lama ada ig but tak de la gila gambar byk like me..hahha.... You know how crazy i am over instagram? There is a story, one dayy my phone's software was down! and it is a day before my short getaway to Kelantan with my buddies and i am so frustrated like i would rather dieee yooo! im so upset and sad!..... So after the getaway, my bota went to the shop to fix it and there is an issue (waahh mcm tulis kes) where my phone might not gonna be fine anymore! and i am double sadddd because i am so addicted to instagram like you have no idea about that! ok i cried! now u believe me how crazy i am? ok thnx for believing me....LOL... so my bota lost words. To buy a new phone is not the best choice. So seeing me so sad, he kept coaxing me and give me his that time im so touched that he rather to use phone biasa and give me his smart phone to me so i can instagrammm and be happy. oohhh man why u so sweet ahh? :) So at the end of the storyyyyyyy the taukehhh kedai managed to fix my phone back...happy me...! Actually due to that reason lah im so scared to connect my phone to my lappy because im afraid that its gonna happend again due to the viruses attacked! So that is why i seldom updating my blog.

              But heyyyyy...........ill find that strength again ok? mana boleh let my blog bersawang like that because no matter i loves my ig, i still love my blog because there is some things that i cannot revealed there but i can revealed here! plus my blog and i has been in a love-hate relationship for almost 5 years!

hmmm...lets upload some photos....... :)

These photos was taken during my short getaway to Kuala Krai, Kelantan.... It was soooooooooo enjoyable moment! this is my friend's cousin engagement ceremony LOL!

Ok la till we meet again........ :)

(p/s: im strong!)

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